We are Jersey’s only independent think tank.

We believe that a healthy and thriving democracy results from civil society working in partnership with government with a common vision to create a better future together. Our purpose is to promote education for the benefit of all the people of Jersey on social, economic, environmental, public policy and public administration issues in the context of Jersey’s status as a microstate. We work collaboratively with many supporters and partners, including government, but retain editorial control over all of our work and publications to maintain our independence.

We create safe spaces and opportunities to share evidence, opinion and ideas.

We believe that a democracy works best when people are well-informed, civically engaged and have the opportunity to share their perspectives and concerns, particularly when these views may be uncomfortable or unpopular, as public policy must work for society as a whole. We bring people together from diverse backgrounds and experiences to connect with each other, engage in discussion and debate, share their knowledge, ideas and concerns around public policy issues to stimulate and facilitate more informed and collaborative action. We encourage people to ask themselves: What can I, as an individual and together with other people, do to improve ourselves, our community and find solutions for societal challenges?

We are a registered charity.

We are supported and funded by individuals and organizations who share our values and are committed to the way we work. Our approach is guided by and reflects the following values and principles of being Curious, Objective, Practical, Evidence-Based, Collaborative, Committed, Solution-Seeking.

Who we are

We have a small core team and work in collaboration with our board members, many partners and contributors as part of our Knowledge Partnership. Our director and board members work on an honorary basis. We are also forunate to work with a number of research fellows and collaborating organisations.

Executive Team

Penny Byrne

Gailina Liew

Penny Byrne

Penny Byrne
Programme Associate

Penny Byrne

Samuel Jule
Technology Associate

Board Members

Penny Byrne

Gillian Arthur
Vice chair

Penny Byrne

Brendan McMahon

Penny Byrne

James Morris

Penny Byrne

Alison Cambray
Board member

Penny Byrne

Tom Hill
Board Member

Penny Byrne

Colin Macleod
Board Member

Penny Byrne

Paul Masterton
Board Member

Penny Byrne

John Pinel
Board Member

Penny Byrne

Philip Taylor
Board Member

Research Fellows

Henneke Brown

Mark Boleat

Gary Jones

Elly-Ann Ward

James Linder

Sharon White

Bob Young

Collaborating Organisations

Eagle Lab
Law Jersey