We believe that Jersey is a unique and special place where people with different experiences and expertise can come together to create the best ideas and solutions for the public policy issues and societal challenges that face us. We encourage people to ask themselves: What can I, as an individual and together with other people, do to improve ourselves, our community and find solutions?

Our values

We believe that working together in a diverse and democratic society is best achieved when people have an open mindset and are focused on achieving common purposes. We work to encourage civic engagement from all people who live, work and play in Jersey to listen to each other’s voices and create a better future together. We adhere to the following values and principles in our approach to our work and invite you to join our Knowledge Partnership:

Curious – do you have an open mind and do you see learning as a lifetime journey?

Objective – are you able to balance conflicting facts and perspectives?

Practical – are you excited about trying new ideas, learning from the experience, and trying again?

Evidence based – can you absorb and evaluate new evidence and challenge your own beliefs?

Collaborative – can you work in a respectful way with other people who may have different experiences and expertise?

Committed – are you passionate about taking individual and collective action to create a better future for everyone?

Solution seeking – are you motivated to raise ideas and define options in a collaborative manner to address challenges faced by our society?